Ri3D 2015: Recycle Rush

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This playlist includes our team intro video, our build updates, and our final reveal video.

In 2013, Robot In 3 Days showed thousands of teams how to build a FRC robot in 3 days.  The Ri3D concept helped raise the bar for many rookies with prototyping concepts and videos.   Inspired by Ri3D, team oRyon entered into the Ri3D network a week before the 2014 Kickoff.  The team is back again for 2015 with more people and more parts. The goal is to build a robot in 3 days to accomplish the FRC game.  Our focus last year was to design a simple robot that would accomplish the task well with limited resources. This year we have more (going together with the Ri3D theme) and have a machine shop available on Sunday. We are going to try and build a more capable robot while keeping within the mid-tier team level of complexity.

Team Oryon members include:


Name: Paul Chaguine
Occupation: Design Engineer, Weatherford Int.
Nick: Chicken/Russian
Years in FIRST: 7 years
Education: Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 2016
Role: Lead, (a little of everything)


Name: Harry Craig
Occupation: Student at University of Houston – Downtown
Years in FIRST: 6 years
Education: Bachelors in Structural Analysis / Design (Engineering Technology), UHD, 2015
Role: Build, Manufacturing (Drive Train)


Name: Allen Gregory
Occupation: Robotics coach at St. Agnes Academy, UIL Robotics Director – HoustonISD
Employer: Sparx Engineering
Nick: JAG
Years in FIRST: 13 years
Education: Bachelors in Cognitive Science, Rice University
Role: Strategy, Mechanical, Electrical, Programming


Name: Joshua Bryant
Occupation: Student at the University of Texas at Austin
Nick: Yoshi
Years in FIRST: 9 years
Education: Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, UT at Austin, 2015
Role: Prototyping, Electrical, Programming


Name: Xavier Eldridge
Occupation: Apple At-Home Advisor, Apple Inc.
Nick: X, Z, Big X, Dr. z
Years in FIRST: 6
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science, UHD, 2015
Role: programmer, strategist, organizer


Name: Nick Dulworth
Occupation: Composer
Nick: Nick
Years in FIRST: 5
Education: Bachelors in Recording Arts and Sciences/Music Composition, Peabody Institute @ JHU, 2016-17
Role: CAD, design, mechanical, video lead

Peter Dulworth

Name: Peter Dulworth
Occupation: Student
Nick: P’tater, Little Nick
Years in FIRST: 5
Education: Homeschool, trained by Nick
Role: CAD, design, mechanical, programming, being like Nick


Name: Christopher Licato
Occupation: Design Engineer Intern
Employer: Bechtel Corporation
Nick: Chris
Years in FIRST: 8 years
Education: Bachelors in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Webb Institute, 2015
Role: Mechanical, CAD, Laughs


Name: Andrew Lynch (Consultant)
Occupation: Engineer
Employer: Jacobs Engineering Group
Years in FIRST: 12 years
Hobbies: Banging on drums!
Education: Masters in Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science, Rice University
Role: Mechanical, Electrical, and everything else


Name: Edward Morris
Occupation: Student at Arizona State University
Nick: Edward
Years in FIRST: 4 years
Education: Electrical and power transmission engineering, BSE
Role: head video production, cut things, sabotage, fire extinguisher and band-aids

Sam Dietrich

Name: Sam Dietrich
Occupation: Student at Harvey Mudd College
Years in FIRST: 3 years
Education: Engineering and Computer Science, BS, 2017
Role: programming, programming, programming


Name: Mitchell Douglas
Occupation: Student at Stanford University
Years in FIRST: 3 years
Education: Mathematics and Computer Science, BA, 2017
Role: Prototype, Programming


Name: Katie Klacik
Instrumentation and Control Engineer, CH3M HILL
Years in FIRST:
1 years
Electrical Engineering, BS, Purdue University
Mechanical, Drive Train


Name: Jose Avalos
Occupation: Co-President, Rice Robotics Club
Years in FIRST: 4 years
Education: Mechanical Engineering, BS, Rice University
Role: Drive Train, Arm/Collector

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